oh hai! I havent been around in a while! here's a book im going to do. by ryan terry

hello from the other side!

other side of what, im not sure and neither is adele. it just sounded cool, so she sang it.

ive been busy working on a lot of corporate and educational projects with non-disclosure agreements, so they will never see the light of day, beyond in board rooms and testing facilities.

that said, the wheels have been spinning on long gestating personal projects that i will share in the blog section before assigning them their own page on the site.

the first of these projects is called red, blue, green, rock and roll and will be a journey across the color wheel and rock history in storybook and colouring book formats. like the rock and roll hall of fame it will include anything that has the rock and roll vibe, including metal, blues, punk, hip-hop, rap and anything else that I love as a music fan. its designed to be fun for kids, with some winks to the adults who get the context.

which brings us to our first page:


now to those of you in the know, for a period of time before moms were grooving to under the bridge downtown, the chilis were a little more raucous and ribald……and wore socks on their nethers, back when hillel was in the band. (not pictured, hillel slovak, nor Josh Klinghoffer, nein jack irons, nyet Dave Navarro)

In cases where there have been different members of a band, ive decided to go with their most recognizable lineup, and in the case of the chillis, that means John Frusciante. i may have to break my own rule though, if the situation calls for it. I have ideas for dio and ozzy.

so its kids book and singsongy, and doesnt really mean anything for a kid being lulled to sleep by its dulcid tones, whilst the adult reading it aloud gets a little smirk. right? OR its entirely innapropriate and there will be a grows up book, and a kids version. You tell me?

AND, when? If? published, there will be a colouring book version.


as rickety cricket once said, youre going to need the red.